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Done by Simon J Blay @ Hard Luck Tattoo in Kingston upon Thames, London.
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Anonymous: You're so cute and I wish we talked. But you've never talked to me and I don't want to be a bother.

well i was dating someone, so i mean thats probably why i didnt talk to you.. lol 

Anonymous: I'm glad you've finally found happiness. Give your little brother a kiss on the forehead for me. I won't forget you.

I have nothing..i hate messages like this.. like all it does is make me wonder and get me all depressed

I love that no one ever thinks about how i might feel about things. People are quick to jump to conclusions and label me and my actions negatively and its gotten to me so bad. All im trying to do is make things easier for myself, but all i do is make things worse. I can truly say i hate myself now.

making moves to try and benefit yourself is never easy..



The things that are always on my mind end up being on my dashboard, lol.


im actually going in to record tomorrow, lets see how this goes.